Upgrade you Joomla Website to Joomla Version 3

We do many Joomla version upgrades, some simple and very inexpensive, some very complex and costly. How much work that is involves and how cost, depends upon the complexity of the site, and whether or not the particular template nad Joomla extensions that were used in the oriignal, have new vserions and equivalent replacements.

All the popular Content Management Systems including the three most popular: Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal eventually stop maintaining old versions and become insecure - which mean they can be hacked. So, in the case of Joomla foreexample, about every three years of so, a Joomla website needs to be upgraded to a new supported version. 

If you are running a version of Joomla before 2.5, consider yourself lucky if your site hasn't already been hacked.  If you are running Joomla 2.5, your site is still secure for now if your developer installs the simple bug fix and security update perioidically to bring your site to the current 2.5.25 release, and checks and updates any third-party Joomla extensiosn.

If you know your website has been hacked we can remove the malware from it.  If you are not sure, we can scan it. We can work to determine how it got infected and take remedial action which might consist of changing passwords, updating insecure Joomla versions and Joomla Extension versions, making sure you are following safe procedure like only using Secure FTP and FTP to access your site and more.