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Content Update Services

Orgnaizations often want to know if we build them a website in Joomla will they be able to update the content themselves.  Many of our competitors will simply say yes. But it is our experience that often the answer turns out to be no, and this is the consensus of website developers when this topic is discussed at local Joomla users groups.  If the type of content is straigt forward, like adding a blog entry, or adding a photo album, and it is done by one or more or your employees with some regularity, then the answer might be yes.  But we get plenty of clients with PhDs who are smarter than us, but they update their websites so infrequently that they don't have a need to do it enough and rember the procedures.


What we commonly do in such cases if have them just email, call us, or occasionally do a remote screen share session and our staff does the update. When it's just 20 minutes of work for an update, we just make a line entry in a pending QuickBooks invoice, and when the time accumulates to $200 or more, we send them an invoice.  Many of our clients, despite their initial best of intentions, do not post content to their websites very often and this works well for them.  At the other extreme we have clients with their own employees posting new content to their large website daily, and we have a retainer to work on only the unusual and more complicated content and to fix occasional errors.

The point is, Zebra Systems is easy to communicate with and can support you long term.  We pick up lots of clients who's site were initially done off-shore or with other developers because we are easy to work with.