Website Design

Growing your organization or business
It seems like everyone is fighting for your attention these days.  Whether it is TV, Radio, websites, email, Facebook, twitter, smart-phone apps, or direct mail, it is a challenge for small businesses to compete and reach new clients. Your website, email communications, and social media presence, may need a makeover to bring it up where it should be in 2013.

This is where we can help.  We are good at learning what it is you do and projecting it with the latest Internet technogies.

JoomlaOrgLogoDevelopment Tools
At the beginning of 2010 we started building our sites with the Joomla content management system.. This technology makes website development much more cost-effective than developing with the website development tools generally in use just a few yers ago.

Google and Search Engines
Our websites are designed to optimized Google and other search engine visibility. Our most recent efforts tie in Facebook and smartphone marketing and are using increasing amounts of YouTube and other videos.

It isn't applicable to all our sites, but we take pride in creating many websites that our clients can update by themselves with the training we provide.

234x60Hosting and Domain Registration
We register a lot of domain names for our customers and set up their website and email hosting.   We don't believe in fixing anything that isn't broken, so if your current host is good, we won't suggest changing it, we will work there.  We set up most of our new Joomla websites at Hostgator.  You can use the coupon code ZEBRASYSTEMS to receive a $9.94 discount at checkout when you sign up for a Hostgator account yourself, or even better, call us for a free consultation.

PreferredResellerE-Commerce Solutions
We use Joomla and another open source product called Magento to implement shopping carts, donation forms and other custom forms, event registration, and online catalogs.  Payment solutions include  PayPal and is the most popular payment gateway for clearing credit card transactions and is supported by the the largest number of Joomla extensions.  That's why we have chosen to partner with  You can select the link here to sign up for services..

Email Marketing
We can help you maintain your mailing lists and use products like Constant Contact and Mailchimp to keep in touch with your existing clients and reach new ones.

We have extensive experience selling on ebay and training others to do the same.

We produce CDROM, DVD, YouTube and Website hosted multimedia presentations using Director, Flash, Pinnacle Studio, and ProShow Gold. We've designed CD jackets and manag their mass-production.