Client Websites - Inherited

Many organization have websites that have gone through several generations of designs, and technolgies, often by different management with different developers.  The largest and most complicated websites Zebra Systems has worked on are these types of website.  In most cases we can't take credit for their overall look and feel; that was something we largely inherited even if we performed a complete upgrade from one version of Joomla.  Here are some of those websites we support:

 HLB-Lighting  CTF SDNY 


And here are some additional noteworthy non-public website projects we have worked on.

World Trade Centers Association Directory linked to Sugar CRM

World Trade Centers Association Chinese Language Website

JoomlaCamp Event registration system.____________________


Various Corporate Intranets and secure webpages with Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Procedures,  Help Desk Ticketing Systems, Board of Directors documents, forms application to notifiy Telephone company of employee travel itinerary to temporarily add International calling services.

Secure Internet Support Group website for The National Cancer Instiitute, National Institutes of Health with application questionnaires, chatroom, and phpBB Discussion Forum.

Common reasons that sites have been redesigned include:

  • better browsers that accomodate new technologies
  • larger PC screens
  • the introduction of faster Internet access that accomodates larger images and video
  • the introduction of new technologies like Adobe Flash and then the subsequent redesigns requred when the iPhone and iPad where introduced without flash support
  • the introduction of smartphones and tablets and the need for responsive design that adjusts the website for different screen sizes
  • in some cases the site has grown so large and ungainly that it needs to be pruned and the navigation improved
  • your previous developers have decided to go off and create the successor to Facebook and are no longer available to you
  • the site was hacked or there is need to upgrade software because the old website software is no longer secure
  • your site looks old-fashioned
  • you paid a marketing agency to develop your site and their ongoing maintenance isn't cost competitive
  • your website was first designed off-shore for cost, but for responsive support you prefer to work with someone of your culture and time-zone; you want a U.S. developer.
  • your old site isn't optimized for Google's search engine ( other search engines and directory matter too, but not as much as Google )