Client Site Tour - 10 Clients

  1. Montco Advertising Spicialties - A Promotional Product Manufacturer
    1. Homepage product slideshow
    2. Multicolumn menus - accomodate lots of product categories - ( hover over Product menu item )
    3. Custom programs quantity discount pricing grid
    4. Show backend where client can change pricing at will.
    5. Click "Print this catalog page, View or Save as PDF" reveals the actual printed catalog pages have QR codes   Scanning the QR code on the printed leterature takes
      customers to the corresponding product page on the website.
    6. Sitemap helps customers and search engines find their way around your site.
    7. Various forms:  Catalog Requests, Request for Quote, Feedback Form, Request for Sample.  Each form submitted generates an email to the company sales staff and a courtesy copy to the customer for their reference.  All submissions are also archived in the Joomla database for future analysis.
  2. Bridging Access To Care - A Non-Profit Social Services Provider -
    1. This organization has four locatations.  A Custom Resources Grid indicates which programs are in which locations and features rollover highlighted program links.
    2. The BAC New Blog is easy to maintain.
      1. Individual articles are created for each news item as they occur. ( example: )
      2. As long as the new article is marked for the proper category when it is created, two things will happen automatically, First, the title will appear on the blog title list page: a second, the titles of the 8 most recently posted news items will appear as links in the right column of the homepage.
    3. The employment opportunities page uses a Joomla Extension called K2.  It makes it easy to create custom fields to store items, in this case job positions, in a database and customize how they are formated on your website.
    4. This site feature the very simplest of all type of Donate mechanism, a PayPal Button.
  3. The Children's Tumor Foundation - Non-Profit Raising Awareness and Trying to Find a Cure for Neurofibromatosis -
    1. Employment Opportunities mimics the format of previously developed K2 from another site.
    2. Features live chatrooms for registered users with a platform called Blastchat,101607/view,blastchatchat/
    3. Fetaures a Discussion Forum with a platform called phpBB
    4. Features 50 State Chapter Pages, each with their own view of their own news items and calendar.  When item are posted to the organization's National Calendar and flagged for a particular State, the items will show on the National Canlendar and the respective State chapter calendar.
    5. A U.S. Map shows the Community Relations regions and rollovers for each state show links with a photo of the regional rep for the state.
    6. There is a cutom director that store doctors and clinics around the country that specializing in treating NF.  Each state chapter has a link to view the Doctors and Clinics in the respective state.  The site has various questionnaires for clinics to peridically update their profile information. A Joomla Extension called Chronofomrs was used to develop this and other applications on this site.
    7. This site has a very active calendar
    8. This site has many private access only areas for Grant Application Date, Board of Directors Assets, and more.  It uses the Joomla Access Control Lists (ACLs) extensively.
  4. Non-Public Websites for CTF
    1. Have customized fundrasing letters generated by local chapter volunteers
  5. National Institue of Health - Internet Support Group
    1. Secure, invitation only, non-public site, feature extensive questionnaires and precedures for reviewing nad grading them,
    2. Features Chatroom and Discussion Forum
    3. The entire site uses secure http ( https) protocol including the questionnaire submission and review, chatroom and discussion forum.
  6. Michale B. Freidman Photographer -
    1. This site has an nice slide gallery where items can be ordered, titled, selected by thumbnail image, and clicked on to see larger images
    2. It is pretty easy for the client to upload his own photos from the backend, and the thumbnail, and other size images are automatically scaled and cropped by the Joomla Extension as needed.
    3. A short 10 minute screen capture training video was created for the client then the website was first created to document the photo upload procedure.
  7. Paul & Tony's Stereo - Independent TV / Home Theater Store -
    1. Since this client regularly produces 30-second TV spots for his local cable TV market, this site features videos on the homepage.
  8. Tribeca Healing & Hypnosis Institute - Private Hypnosis Sessions & Course For Professional Alternative Healers -
    1. This site features a custom application so that each semester when new courses are scheduled, a single course form entry presents the course information in several separate places each with it's own customized format: 1) Short links for the homepage sidebar 2) A semester calendar page 3) on the respective course pages 4) on a summary online course registration page with PayPal payment buttons.
  9. Specialized Dentistry of New York - Dental Practice Site
    1. This site features a large photo of 8 dentists. Custom programming has the name of each dentist appear at the bottom of the photo as you hover your mouse pointer over each dentist.
  10. HLB Lighting Design - Architectural Lighting Designers
    1. This site is beautiful because of the tempalte design and the beautiful photos.  Through the use of tic-tac-toe like arrays of thumbnail images in the Portfolio area, a very large number of projects is made easily accessible with a minimal number of clicks.
    2. This site also features an intranet with a help-desk ticketing system for internal computer support, and employee-only accessible documents


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