Zebra Systems, Inc. is a New York City based website development firm specializing in the Joomla Content Management System.
This site explains why it is economical to use the Joomla Content Management Systems for websites.
It also shows you what we've done for clients, and explains our services. 

Build Your Website

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We have been developing websites since the late 1990s. When we discovered Joomla about four years ago, it was a revelation.  Joomla is all about not having to reinvent the wheel. It has so many built-in features that it greatly decreases the effort and cost of creating and maintaining great websites.  A huge selection of easily customized templates lets us economically create a unique-looking easy-to-navigate attractive website that meets your needs.  Read more...

Remove Malware From Hacked Sites

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If you know your website has been hacked we can remove the malware from it.  If you are not sure, we can scan it. We can work to determine how it got infected and take remedial action which might consist of changing passwords, updating insecure Joomla versions and Joomla Extension versions, making sure you are following safe procedure like only using Secure FTP and not FTP to access your site.   Read more...

Upgrade Your Site To Joomla 3


Joomla 3.3 is the newest version recommended for new installs. It includes the latest and greatest features of Joomla and mobile/responsive support. We do many Joomla version upgrades, some simple and very inexpensive, some very complex and costly. How much work that is involves and how cost, depends upon the complexity of the site, and whether or not the particular template nad Joomla extensions that were used in the oriignal, have new vserions and equivalent replacements.   Read more...

Content Update Services


Orgnaizations often want to know if we build them a website in Joomla will they be able to update the content themselves.  Many of our competitors will simply say yes. But it is our experience that often the answer turns out to be no, and this is the consensus of website developers when this topic is discussed at local Joomla users groups.  If the type of content is straigt forward, like adding a blog entry, or adding a photo album, and it is done by one or more or your employees with some regularity, then the answer might be yes.  Read more ...

Mailing List Management & Marketing


We can help you manage your email campaigns, segment mailing lists, clean dirty lists, import and export records form Excel and different databases and applications, and registration systems.  MailChimp are the two products we most frequently use independently or in conjunction with webstie sign-up forms and databases.   We can train recommend software tools and train you to maintain your list(s).  Read more...

Individual and Group Training


Stewart Newfeld, president of Zebra Systems loves teaching one-on-one or in a classroom environment.  If your job title or employment just changed and you find yourself in need of learning how to perform just a few specific tasks to maintain a website, he can train you via remote screen-sharing sessions, and if necessary supplement that by creating custom training videos for you.  Read more...

Domain Name Registration & Hosting

GoDaddy Siteground

We can help you choose, register, or transfer domain names and setup hosting for your site.  We are familiar with the pricing and technical support with Siteground, GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Rackspace, HostMySite, Bluehost, Hostgator and more and we have our strong opinions and recommendations built from experience.  Read more...

Google SEO & Internet Marketing


You want your website to come up in Google and other search engines. When we design your website, we always have in mind best practices for what is refered to as "Search Engine Optimization" or SEO as well as building site which get viewers to take the action you want them to; wheter it's purchase your merchandise, donate or participate in your non-profit cause, raise awareness, etc.  Read more...